Wheat sowing, these issues are related to production, we must pay attention!

October is approaching, and the season of wheat planting is approaching. The farmers in the wheat area are now busy harvesting and preparing for the wheat. Here we have to remind the vast number of farmers and friends that we must pay attention to some problems when planting wheat, laying the foundation for the bumper harvest of wheat in the coming year.

1. Processing of wheat before sowing. First, according to the local climate and soil characteristics, select high-quality wheat varieties suitable for local production. After the seeds are selected, the wheat must be planted before sowing. This is the problem that the common people ignore most. Ask to bake twice, at least once. The first time is to choose the sun in the sunny weather about one month before sowing. Generally, it is dried for two days (be careful not to spread it directly on the concrete floor during the drying, so as not to damage the seeds).

The second seeding was carried out three to five days before the sowing. After the sowing of the wheat before sowing, the seedlings are strong, the seedlings are strong, the roots are developed, and the disease resistance, drought resistance and tillering rate are much higher than those of the non-suning species. Generally it will increase by about 30%.

2, land preparation. The first thing to do is to deepen the land, preferably at a depth of 25 to 30 cm. Breaking the bottom of the plow, making the soil transparent, enhancing the water retention and fertility of the soil, and improving the drought resistance and cold resistance of the wheat. After turning over, the ground will be smashed and smashed, and strive to be realistic.

3, the straw returned to the plot must be smashed straw, but also poured a water before the plowing, to accelerate the maturity of straw. Conditional can also add some ammonium bicarbonate or superphosphate to accelerate the straw maturity. Another is to deal with pests and diseases (for example, in the past few days, Henan Shangqiu, Xinxiang, Nanyang and other places have more serious corn rust and snail damage, if not treated, pathogens, pests will leave more eggs, so that Seasonal crops suffer from more serious pests and diseases, causing losses). Treated with carbendazim and nitrobenzene, five kilograms per mu; snails with two to three kilograms of acetaldehyde and polyacetaldehyde.

4. The area with dry weather should be watered before the arable land is planted to ensure the sowing of the wheat foot, ensure the water supply of the wheat seedlings, and make the wheat seedlings.

5, seed dressing. Wheat seed dressing before sowing can prevent underground pests and reduce some diseases, such as wheat total erosion, rust, sheath blight, smut, etc. The wheat to be seeded must be aired and not exposed to the sun.

Through these measures, we can ensure that our wheat seedlings and strong seedlings will survive the winter and lay a solid foundation for the harvest in the coming year.

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