How to manage peppers after autumn? New tricks for pepper management after the fall

New tricks for pepper management after the fall:

Scientific moisturizing. In the autumn when the drought is high and the temperature is high, it is necessary to divert water in time to keep the soil moist. When filling the water, it should be shallow and not turbulent; the emergency irrigation should be urgently drained, and the field water should be left soon; when the cold water is cool and the weather is cold, the water is poured, and it is generally best to fill the water from zero to the early morning. In addition, spraying 600 times liquid of new high-fat film and covering the kneading surface with straws such as straw and straw can not only lower the ground temperature, but also reduce the evaporation of water, which can play the role of moisture retention and prolonging the growth period of the plant.

Topdressing promotes growth. In the high temperature season, combined with irrigation water per acre to apply thin man and animal manure water 2 to 3 times, can be poured after the soil is slightly dry after irrigation. After the weather turns cold, the peppers enter a promising period, the plants need to increase the amount of fertilizer, and the leaves are sprayed with peppers to promote the growth of the plants and increase the yield and quality of the peppers.

Protect the roots and leaves. Post-management should pay special attention to protect the roots and leaves of peppers. Once pests and diseases are found, pesticides with high efficiency, low toxicity and short residual period should be applied in time. When used together with new high-fat membranes, reduce the amount of pesticides, improve the control effect, and prevent the leaves from being affected. damage. When cultivating and weeding, shallow planing and manual extraction should be adopted to prevent damage to the root system and affect the absorption capacity of the plant.

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