China's most expensive smart lock debuted in Guangz…

China's most expensive smart lock debuted in Guangzhou Jianbo's independent research and development of finger vein recognition Liu Yan and Chairman of the Black Dragon Group Song Qinghua at the new product launch site, the product is hand-built with 18 kilograms of raw material copper thr ----more

Three major failure analysis and troubleshooting method…

Three major failure analysis and elimination methods of high-precision residual oil pump 1. High-precision residual oil pump operation has abnormal vibration, unstable high-precision residual oil pump operation has abnormal vibration, instability and main causes and elimination methods: 1. Oil pum ----more

Plastic molds should be noticed when designing these po…

The design points of plastic molds are introduced 1. Generally, the flat product should not be glued in the middle to prevent bending deformation. 2. Under normal circumstances, STP is directly below the RP. 3. When the mold base is large, the interval of STP is 150-- ----more

Bull card socket how to choose switch socket

Where there are circuits, you can certainly see the switch. Although it is a small item, it is an indispensable necessities for any interior room. Its quality is closely related to the safety of electricity. Therefore, when selecting switches and sockets, you must choose the quality. OK, we can gu ----more

Polar bears wake up? A Brief Analysis of Opportunities …

Abstract On May 14, 2017, following the footsteps of the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation summit forum in Beijing, Changchun Yuheng Optical Co., Ltd. went to Russia to participate in the 18th Russia International Metal Processing Equipment and Tools Exhibition (... ----more

How to prevent hot runner leakage

The leakage of the melt in the hot runner system into the manifold plate is a common concern for mold manufacturers. In most cases, the leakage of the hot runner system is not due to poor design, but is not manipulated according to design parameters. Typically, the leaka ----more

Bank VIP Room Real Name Access Control Solution

First, the bank needs analysis The security of the bank is related to the stability of the social economy's lifeblood. The use of a bank security system that combines civil defense, physical defense, and technical defense is particularly important for maintaining the bank's security and s ----more