What should I pay attention to when installing a child safety seat?

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The child safety seat can make the baby safer when riding the car. How do we install it after purchasing the safety seat? Below, the Pacific Security Network Xiaobian will share with you what should be paid attention to when installing the child safety seat.
Precautions before installing the child safety seat
Before installing the child safety seat, parents should carefully read the product manual to understand the structural characteristics of the product and ensure that there are no operational errors during installation. When choosing a child safety seat installation position, try not to choose the co-pilot position, because in the event of a collision, the co-pilot position is prone to danger, and the unclosed airbag poses a great threat to the child's life. Parents can choose to install the child safety seat on the seat on either side of the rear of the vehicle, which is of course the best place to install the child safety seat. In addition, for some parents who do not frequently disassemble child safety seats, when parking, try to park one side of the child safety seat in a position where there is no direct sunlight, due to the child safety seat hard plastic structure and steel frame parts. They are all sealed "hollow" designs and the heat dissipation is not very good. Therefore, once the seat is aired for a long time, the "burnt" seat can easily cause damage to the child's body. If you can't avoid direct sunlight in the child safety seat while parking, parents can prepare some sunshade equipment, such as plastic reflectors, sunshades, etc., which can be used when children leave the vehicle.
Precautions for using the mounting device
Child safety seat installations include adult seat belts and ISOFIX. We have described the fixing methods for these two devices in the previous article, but the use of these two fixing devices is also limited in some special cases. Adult seat belts are usually divided into three-point and two-point styles. The child safety seat can only play a normal protective role only when the three-point seat belt is normally bundled. The two-point seat belt is only suitable for fixing the child safety seat chassis and child safety seat. It is very unsafe for child safety seats that need to fasten the backrest, so try not to choose only two-point safety. Installed on the seat with the belt. It should be noted that when the child safety seat is fixed by ISOFIX device, the total mass of the chassis and the seat cannot exceed 15kg, and the semi-universal ISOFIX device must be used with the bracket when it is installed in the backward direction, otherwise it is difficult to bear in the collision accident. The impact force generated by the seat causes the ISOFIX device to break.

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