Rhizobium needs to be fertilized

Although Rhizobium can provide nitrogen nutrition for crops, in the early stage of growth of legumes, before the rhizobial bacteria play a role, nitrogen fertilizer should be supplemented to crops according to the appropriate amount of soil fertility. When the leguminous plants are transferred to the reproductive stage, a large amount of assimilated substances accumulate to the seeds, and at this time the nodule decays and the nitrogen fixation is weakened. In addition, phosphorus is beneficial to the development of nodules and enhances the nitrogen fixation capacity of nodules, so it is important to pay attention to the application of phosphate fertilizer.

Appropriate potassium and calcium nutrition is conducive to the proliferation of microorganisms. The addition of Ca2+ at low pH can advance the sputum nodulation and increase the nodulation rate. Therefore, when applying the base fertilizer, pay attention to the application of a certain amount of potassium fertilizer and calcium powder, supplement potassium and calcium nutrition, and adjust the soil pH environment.

Molybdenum is an essential element for the synthesis of nitrogen-fixing enzymes by Rhizobium. Molybdenum fertilizer can strengthen the activity of Rhizobium and promote the formation and growth of nodule. Therefore, it is recommended to mix the mixture of Hefeng Mo and Rhizobium at a concentration of 0.1%~0.05%. Meet the crop's demand for molybdenum nutrition. It should be noted that the concentration of any molybdenum fertilizer and rhizobium mixed seed dressing should not exceed 0.3%, otherwise it will inhibit some rhizobium.

Boron is also a nutrient for the demand for legumes. It can be supplemented with boron nutrition by using 500-1000 g/mu of base-flavored granules of boron, or 1000 times of solution of granules of granules before and after flowering.

Iron nutrition affects the number of nodules, root tumor weight, and nitrogen fixation activity. Iron is easily fixed in the soil, and ferrous sulfate is easily oxidized in the air. Therefore, high-efficiency additives such as spread-through can be added during spraying, and the iron absorption efficiency can be effectively improved.

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