People come to say experience! Do not see you too lose

The teacher of the so-called front-of-the-kitder storyteller, the decoration still have to take a look at people's experience, this is very helpful to their own decoration, today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a summary of some of the key points of the renovation, and hope to help everyone!


1. Waterproofing works should be done after the concealed construction is completed and accepted

2. Two water storage tests to be done after waterproof construction is completed

3, bathroom waterproof layer is not less than 1.8 meters

4, floor drain, Yin Yang angle, pipelines and other places to do more waterproof

5, try not to walk from the ground

6, the hot water tank is about half a centimeter deeper than the cold water pipe

7, toilet pipe to leave the access hole

8, weak electricity can not be worn in the same pipe

9, switch not installed behind the door

10, the more sockets the better

11, the best balcony to stay in a socket

12, air conditioning hole to tilt outwards, otherwise the rain will come in


13, do not use the cement more than the factory period of 3 months

14, different types, labels of cement can not be mixed

15, Wall tiles should be soaked in water for more than two hours, then dried and then posted

16, wall tiles would rather buy a few more, do not buy less, otherwise prone to color

17, the ground paste marble, stone back to do waterproof

18, matt tile difficult to clean

19, balcony tiles should pay attention to drainage direction


20, the best use of dry larch keel

21, after the big wood plate is bought back, saw it dry

22, ceiling fan can not be installed on the ceiling keel

23, the distance between the plasterboard nails can not be greater than 200

24, the bottom of the bathroom door cover to do a little waterproof

25. The size of the house must be the same

26, to leave 8-10mm seam between the floor and the wall

27, expansion joints to consider when the length of the composite floor exceeds 8M

28, good use of hinges and hardware


29, medium and dark latex paint construction do not mix with water, otherwise it is prone to color

30. The original putty on the wall is best to eradicate

31, the weather is too wet, paint do not brush

32. The next paint must be done after the previous paint is dry

33, metal surface paint to do anti-rust treatment

34, when the door is brushed, it is best to use the textured paper to stick the hinge and door lock

35, light, mercerized latex paint to be completed once, make up for the color difference

36. Frosted glass should be protected with newspapers

Tips: More practical decoration knowledge, real scene with the shoot, please pay attention to the palm of this site (micro signal: mall_jia).

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