Analysis of Six Characteristics and Application of New Type of Aluminum-silicon Aluminum Insulation Materials

[China Aluminum Industry Network] Silicon-aluminum new thermal insulation material features:

1. The product makes full use of renewable resources, energy conservation and environmental protection.

2, no burning, no hollowing, no seams, initial condensation fast, direct bonding with the grass-roots level, forming an integrated insulation system, a solid structure. This greatly improves the insulation performance.

3, strong bonding ability, no cracking, cold, thermal bridge deformation coefficient is small, in the insulation system structure, do not have to brush the interface agent on the base wall and the use of cracking glass fiber mesh cloth. The thickness of the insulation layer is within 120mm and can be continuously formed on the same day. The construction procedures have been reduced, the speed of construction has been accelerated, and labor and time have been saved, thereby reducing costs and achieving good economic results.

4. The product has added near-nano-scale fiber imported from abroad. There are hundreds of millions of criss-crossing fibers per cubic meter of material, which improves the thermal insulation performance, crack resistance, compressive strength, adaptability, and fatigue resistance of the product. Ability, shock resistance, resistance to cold and hot bridges, and durability.

5. The thermal insulation performance is excellent, and the detection value of thermal conductivity is between 0.046-O.048W/(m·k). The new thermal insulation material of SQ silica-alumina is under the premise that the national building energy-saving standard is continuously improved ( The overall energy-saving 65%) and development and production, insulation thickness in most parts of the country only 30mm-1OOmm, it can meet the insulation requirements of the building wall body.

6. Accurate ratio: The packaging adopts silica-alumina gel material and polyphenyl granule aggregate separately packaged, and the ratio of 1:1 bags ensures that the product ratio is accurate. The polyphenylene granule aggregate is specially processed and eliminated during stirring. Disadvantages of easy flying in the process.

Silicon aluminum new insulation material product use range:

Silicon-aluminum new insulation material is suitable for the construction of the external walls, roof insulation; heating and heat insulation layer and the reconstruction of old houses.

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