In 2011, a number of environmental protection standards were introduced in the paint industry

Business Club February 21st The topic of environmental protection has always been the focus of discussions in various industries. Home environment protection is closely related to everyone. In terms of materials for home improvement, the country has also introduced more and more standards to ensure the environmental protection of home decoration. To ensure people's health. In 2011, the paint industry took the lead in promulgating a number of environmental protection standards, which provided more guarantees for our healthy life in the new year.

In the examined and passed “Industrial Waterproofing Coatings Harmful Substances Limits” industry standard, the stipulated standards “apply to auxiliary materials used for building waterproof coatings and waterproof materials”. According to the content of harmful substances, waterproof coatings are divided into different grades. Among them, the limits of harmful substances in water-based waterproof coatings are stricter than those specified in the “Limitations of Harmful Substances in Interior Decoration Materials Interior Wall Coatings.” Add more protection to our home life.

Toy coatings are most directly used to contact children's toys. The use of safety is related to the well-being of each family. Recently, China's first National Standard for the Limitation of Harmful Substances in Toy Coatings was introduced. The provisions include the lead content of harmful substances ≤ 600 mg / kg, volatile organic compounds VOC ≤ 720 g / l, benzene content ≤ 0.3%. The introduction of such standards will make products more secure and better protect the health of each family's children, thus ensuring the family's well-being.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that the emission standards for magnesium and titanium industrial pollutants have been implemented at the end of last year. The water pollution emission control requirements stipulated in the standard apply to the direct or indirect discharge of water pollutants from the company to its statutory boundary. The more reasonable emission control of industrial pollutants can bring happiness to the society as a whole.

The new standards in the interior decoration industry were also introduced at the beginning of 2011. The "House Building Interior Design Drafting Standard" has formulated industry standards in accordance with the relevant national documents, and its introduction has effectively raised the level of China's interior design. Home decoration into the standardization era, the designer on the basis of creative decoration can better protect the vigorous implementation of home environmental protection.