Stair carpet decoration shows a different kind of style

In recent years, more and more people have purchased houses with high ceilings. In order to make better use of space, homes will be designed with different styles of stairs, traditional wooden staircases or metal textures, lack of warmth, and there are also hidden dangers. Instead, consider adding a unique stair carpet to the stairs in your home. The next small series for everyone to introduce staircase carpet decoration.

First, pressure bar fixed stair carpet laying

1, embedded pressure rod fasteners. There are two fasteners for each step of the female corner, which are laid symmetrically with the centerline of the width of the stairs. The distance between the hole surface of the circular hole of the fastener and the kick surface is the same and slightly smaller than the thickness of the carpet.

2. Cut out the length of the carpet according to the tread width of each step and the width of the actual amount of the kick surface. If you consider replacing the worn parts, you can set aside a certain length;

3, step by step laying carpets from top to bottom. The top end of the carpet is pinned to the platform with a presser bar, and at each step of the fastener position, a small opening is cut in the carpet so that the presser bar fastener can extend therefrom, and then the metal press rod is threaded into the round hole of the fastener. Tighten the adjustment screw.

Second, bonded fixed staircase carpet laying

1, from top to bottom with a plastic squeegee to scratch the adhesive on the tread and kick surface of the stairs, after the appropriate open the carpet is sticky, and then use a flat spade pressing, so that the carpet leveling, compaction;

2, to step glue, level by layer, to avoid large sections of scratched rubber before carpeting, no place to settle;

3, cut carpets in real size;

4, if the metal anti-slip bar must be installed, with the pressure bar fixed;

5. It is forbidden to flow in 24H after paving.

Third, the fixed-strip staircase carpet laying

1. The top end of the carpet is pinned to the platform and then laid step by step from top to bottom. At each step of the shade, the flat carpet is used to tighten the carpet and press into the gap between the two three-bar blades.

2, reserved length, can be stacked in the next step on the kick.

3. Place the barbed plate on the two sides of the inside corner between the two surfaces of the stairs on the stair tread, and leave a gap of 15 mm between the two barbed plates. The nails on the barbed plate tend to fall into the inside corner.

4. The carpet pad shall cover the stair tread and surround the angle of the sun. The width of the cover on the kicking surface shall not be less than 15mm.

5. Carpets should be properly reserved for the length of each step and the width of the kick surface.

Editor's summary: About the staircase carpet decoration is introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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